Wine & Bikes


What’s not to dig about wine with bikes on the label. Wine. Bikes. It’s all there really. The bottle on the left is a Rolling Cab Merlot from Orange in the NSW Central West (and not far from my home town what’s more). The label features a lady who, whilst not necessarily appropriately dressed for a ride (at least by modern standards), seems to be enjoying her leisurely pedal through the countryside. And why wouldn’t she- Orange is a beautiful part of the world!

The bottle on the right is a Highroller Shiraz Grenache from the Clare Valley in SA. This label depicts a rather sporting looking gent wearing his best Penny Farthing race kit. In fact, those knickerbockers look as though they may even be an early Rapha garment.

According to the bottles these wines have flavours of raspberries, blueberries and, in the case of the Rolling, even plums (I’ve always wondered why wine tasting notes tend to mention every fruit available other than grapes!). Personally, we thought the flavour was very much Red Wine- which is great, because that’s exactly what we were after! Cheers.