because if you really love your bike….

Have you ever uttered the words “Man, I love this bike!”. If you’re a bike rider of any breed chances are you’ve at least thought it. (But let’s face it, at some point we’ve all said it audibly enough to make those nearby look uncomfortable and give us a little more space.) Why? Because your bike is the most loyal of servants. It won’t hesitate to do what you ask of it, it doesn’t question your motives or get you in trouble with the neighbours by pooping on their lawn. I know, I know, your bike is an inanimate object, it can’t REALLY love you…. but if it could you’d love it right back wouldn’t you? And the best way to love your bike is with a service.
A good service is the bike equivalent to a day spa treatment, or a six pack for a mate (depending on what your bike is into)! So go on, show your bike some love.

Stagiaire Service

Does the basics. Gear adjustments, brake adjustments, checks the tires and headset. Great for pre-race piece of mind.

Domestique Service

A bit more thorough. Gear, brake and headset adjustments again but add in a general nuts and bolts check, minor wheel truing, degreasing and re-lubing the chain and a general clean.

Rouleur Service

Getting more serious now. Ideal for the regular rider. Includes everything in the Domestique Service but throws in the removal, cleaning and regreasing of the headset and bottom bracket. Also covers the labour to fit new parts such as chains, cassettes tires and tubes.

Le Champion Service

The works burger of services! Or, because we’ve got this cool French theme going on our services, it’s the full Croquembouche! Everything already mentioned plus all new cables, new bar tape, a thorough clean and a complimentary post service adjustment. That’s true bike love!