Precision Fit

When was the last time you walked into a store and bought a pair of shoes that didn’t really fit but looked cool, were a good deal or had a reputation for being really good shoes. Actually, chances are we’ve all done it at some point. It’s also likely that those shoes are going mouldy in the bottom of the wardrobe in otherwise pristine condition because after a couple of wears and some life threatening blisters you couldn’t bring yourself to put them on again.

Do you recall the last time you walked into a gym, contort yourself into a machine that puts your body in a fairly unnatural position, and then smash out 7000 reps (ie. about the same number of revolutions your legs will do on a one and half hour ride!)? No one would do that right?

Your bike is not a whole lot different to that pair of shoes or the contortionist’s leg press machine at the gym. So why not have it fitted by Port Macquarie’s most experienced and reputable bike fit technician? At TRS Cycle Centre you get the best of all worlds. You see, we were setting up cyclists and triathletes long before many others even thought it was a good idea. But we’re not all old school dinosaurs. We are also trained Precision Fit technicians- one of the most advanced fit systems in the world. The latest technology, 20 years of knowledge, the perfect fit.